Upskill to deliver the whole Schbang!

Get exclusive access to Schbang certified courses across marketing, technology and media sciences to help you grow on the job! All our curriculum is backed by real-world examples of work done across the years for our brands & our modules are updated every month, so that your learning never stops!

Go on - start learning, get tested and proudly take home your Schbang Academy Certificate. 

About Us

We are your in-house guide, mentor and friend to equip you with the most desired skill sets required to excel in the industry!

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Our Trainers

Akshay Gurnani

Co-Founder and CEO

Rhea Amin

Schbang Academy Lead and Associate Vice President, Integrated Solutions

Aditya Mehendale

National Creative Director

Akansha Vora

Lead Media Strategist, Media Solutions 

Bezaad Roohani

Lead UI/UX Designer, Schbang Theta 

Isha Amin

Sr. Vice President, Integrated Solutions

and many more...


1. What do I require for the training?

A good wifi connection, laptop/ PC / tablet and a book & pen to make notes. Also, bring along some enthusiasm and a quest to learn :) 

2. How many trainings can I attend?

This platform has been created exclusively for you and there's no limit to the learning! New and improved courses will continually be added every month.

3. I'm new to Schbang, how do I create an account?

If you haven't already received an email with the steps to create a login for yourself, please write to

4. What is the pass percentage for the test?

The pass percentage is 70% and can be attempted a maximum of 3 times to unlock the Schbang Academy Certificate. 

5. What if I can't find a course/ topic that I want to learn about?

Simply write into us at and we will try our best to schedule a training session on the suggested topic at the earliest or we will share with you relevant reading material in the interim.

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